Immediate Defense Solutions

The Courses

Immediate Defense 101

This 101 class teaches anyone the basic knowledge needed to improve their odds of successfully coming out the other side of a violent encounter. This class includes periods of both classroom and practical instruction. Practical gun handling techniques are taught with replica guns for the sake of safety and to get the student comfortable in tactical situations on correctly using a firearm. By learning these skills, the student will become a better shooter when on the range. Disarming techniques and empty hand techniques will also be taught along with how to hold and strike with an edged weapon. These are taught for that unfortunate time when you may be caught unaware or without a firearm but still needing the skill and confidence to act decisively. This class has a deep emphasis on using a firearm and other deadly force in real world scenarios that the shooting range cannot replicate. The use of replica guns and knives ensures that safety is paramount but freedom to move in a 360-degree range is available. Even without live weapons, we WILL increase your ability to defend yourself. These are many of the same techniques taught to professionals but in a manner that is accessible to any student regardless of skill level. Lastly, be comfortable that these classes are done at WALK THROUGH speed and low force levels. Any person who can move their upper body can master and use anything learned here with confidence. We use the military ‘crawl, walk, run’ teaching concept and this is the beginner level class ” Crawl” but the techniques taught here work all the way up to the ‘Run’ level for military and police professionals EVERY DAY to survive deadly situations. Our Chief Instructor should know, he did just that for many years.

College Vigilance

This class is taught June through August. The Vigilance class specifically addresses situations every college student finds themselves in on an almost daily basis and techniques to be ‘switched on’. Males and females can be victims of violence so this course is designed to teach both sexes the keys to staying safe and surviving an encounter when the unthinkable happens using the mindset, tactics and skills curriculum. Due to the prevalence of ‘gun free’ zones on campus and the age of most college students, offensive use of firearms is not taught in this class (that is what the 101 class is for) however how to DEFEND against firearms IS taught with tactical decision making and disarming techniques. What to do if a Ride Share becomes dangerous is also specifically covered.

Work Place Vigilance

Each person is in a unique situation based on their work environment. Real estate sales people are in a different environment than a car salesman. A pizza delivery person may walk into trouble, whereas a convenience store clerk has trouble come to them. This training provides the client with the 101-gun tactics and defense class along with a tailored plan that meets specific security situations and needs.

Continuation Classes

Follow on training and practice for students that have taken the 101 or either of the Vigilance Courses. This class is designed to ‘grease the groove’ and turn the techniques you learned in a prior class into automatic responses which significantly improves your chance of success/survival.

Private Shooting Classes

Our Private Shooting Class is just as it sounds; a private, one on one shooting & gun safety class. Instruction will be tailored to you – your age, your body type, your weapon preference & will concentrate on honing your shooting and awareness prowess. Increase your skill to connect with the intended target with intense range instruction. Craig will you how to handle your firearm like a pro: from stance, to draw to discharge & everything in between. To that end, Craig will evaluate your personal firearm and your ability to use it. Recommendations will be made on ammunition, grips and other customization you may need to maximize your shooting effectiveness.

Other Services Provided


AMIS | Home Evaluations

Private consultations to identify areas in which a criminal is most likely to breach the home and how to best secure these soft areas. We will match your skill to the environment that you are in during your most vulnerable moments. Outdoor lighting and alarm systems can be designed and installed when indicated. Safe room’s can also be installed for the customer that this type defense is best.

AMIS – Armed Movement In Structures. Moving through a structure that contains armed hostiles, perhaps by oneself, is probably the most dangerous task one can undertake. This course presents the best options for winning a confrontation under those circumstances, with the qualification that there is simply no fail-safe way to do this.

Active Shooter Preparedness Training

This class teaches you techniques and walks you through real life situations to survive an active shooter situation. This class also contains a section which will cover what you should have in a medic bag to handle gunshot wounds and how to apply effective tourniquets to hold someone over until EMS arrives. Facility and company policy evaluations can be included in this service. This course is directly related to AMIS.

Worship Center & Business Security

This service is a package that includes a physical assessment of your facility, its strengths and weaknesses along with an assessment of your volunteer’s skill levels. A report of our findings will be issued after these evaluations are done. After this, the volunteer’s that passed our evaluation process will be put through the 101-gun handling and defense class with advance techniques for smooth security team operation. Recommendations for communication devices, cameras or other equipment needed to ensure quick response times will also be made if needed.

Private Physical Training

Craig will put together and assist you in a personal training regimen to help you get & stay in good physical condition. Good physical conditioning is a big part of Craig’s lifestyle & he takes great care to insure it can be a part of your’s as well.

Public Speaking

A wide variety of subjects are available and can be tailored to meet your groups needs. Call or email so we discuss the topic you would like addressed.

Controlling Fear

A unique perspective from a former Army Ranger, street police and SWAT officer who was trained in the techniques and tactics of controlling fear. He used them everyday as he policed in a violent urban environment. You will receive specific techniques and instruction, along with handouts to help you carry this information forward into your own, high-stress situations.

Crisis Management

This seminar teaches the participants the skills that will markedly improve their ability to manage or operate in an ongoing crisis and communicate effectively among the management and team members. This seminar is given by a former Army Ranger, street police and SWAT officer who was trained in these techniques and he used daily policing in a violent urban environment.


Immediate Defense Solutions courses are an investment  not only for the students, but also for the Instructor and the assistants. Each class requires months of administrative and logistical planning. Courses often sell out early, and unexpected cancellations can be very problematic. Therefore, we have a very strict refund policy that applies to all classes. Please be sure you understand the policy before enrolling in a class. If you have enrolled in a class and later find that you cannot make it, please contact us immediately.