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Thank you for filling out the questionnaire. Here are a list of our courses:

Immediate Defense 101

101 class teaches the basic knowledge that anyone seeking to improve their odds of coming out the other side of a violent confrontation. This class includes periods of classroom and practical instruction. Use of and encounters with both firearm and edged weapons will be covered. Weapon handling and techniques to disarm your opponent while keeping your weapon secured are taught. This class has a deep emphasis on using a firearm in real world scenarios that the shooting range can not replicate. This class is taught using “dummy” weapons so that safety is paramount but freedom to move in a 360 degree range is available. Even without live weapons, we WILL make you prepared to defend yourself. These are many of the same techniques taught to professionals but in a manner that is accessible to any student regardless of experience or skill level.

College Vigilance

This class is taught June through August. The Vigilance class specifically addresses situations every college student finds themselves in on an almost daily basis. Males and females can be victims of violence so this course is designed to teach both sexes the keys to staying safe and surviving an encounter when the unthinkable happens. What to do when an Uber may become your last ride is specifically and extensively covered.

Continuation Classes

Follow on training and practice for students that have taken the 101 or Vigilance class. This class is designed to ?grease the groove? and turn the techniques you learned in a prior class into automatic responses which significantly improves your chance of success/survival.

Home Evaluations

Private consultation to identify areas in which a criminal is most likely to breach the home and how to best secure these soft areas. We will match your skill to the environment that you are in during your most vulnerable moments.
Outdoor lighting and safe room construction are also available for interested clients.

Private Shooting Instruction

Increase your skill to connect with the intended target with intense range instruction. To that end, we will evaluate your personal firearm and your ability to use it. Recommendations will be made on ammunition, grips and other customization you may need to maximize your effectiveness.

The classes will begin in late January (website and FB page are rolling out at the end of the month). If you would like to receive training please contact us now as we will intentionally keep classes small to maximize personal instruction.
Gift certificates are available for that hard to shop for person on your list that you think might enjoy this instruction. Keep in mind that because of the small class size this instruction is suitable for any age and skill level. Safety doesn?t have an age requirement.