SIRT Training Pistols

Dry-fire training is excellent for maintaining and improving our pistol skills. Mike Hughes, a former patent attorney, USPSA shooter and a contestant on “Top Shot,” founded Next Level Training in 2010. Hughes invented a professional-­grade laser-­training pistol that offered similar handling characteristics as a loaded pistol. The pistol features a “Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger,” hence the name “SIRT.”

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SIRT Training Pistols

The SIRT Pro 107 replicates a full-­size Smith & Wesson M&P pistol, and the SIRT Pro 110 resembles a Glock 17 or 22, two popular models among law enforcement agencies. Originally colored two-­tone red and black, SIRT pistols are offered with red, green, pink or purple metal or polymer slides. These colors help to distinguish them from their live-­fire counterparts. A credit to Next Level Training’s engineering, SIRT pistol dimensions are so exact that they fit holsters designed for the live-­fire pistols. Weight is also similar, which adds to these pistols’ realistic handling.

SIRT Training Pistols

The simulated magazine, also weighted, is removable in the same manner as a live-­fire pistol. While SIRT pistols only come with one magazine, additional mags can be purchased separately for about $22 each, which enables practicing reloads.

The simulated magazine are also weighted

In training with them, I’ve come to appreciate the attention to detail. Front and rear sights closely replicate the sights on a Glock or Smith & Wesson M&P, so the aiming process is familiar. If you desire, you could install aftermarket sights to accurately depict your firearm’s setup. Mirroring functionality continues to the accessory rail, which accepts the same light and laser that you may carry. The features that set the SIRT pistol apart are the resetting trigger and red or green laser indicators.

The resetting trigger is a benefit to training because the slide doesn’t cycle between shots. The trigger’s functionality and feel extremely close, meaning dry-fire trigger repetitions will transfer to live-­fire shooting.

SIRT pistols have two lasers. The first is a red take-­up indicator, which is illuminated by pressure on the trigger. This feature reinforces proper trigger prep and reset. Resist the temptation to use this laser to aim or deactivate it with the flick of a switch.

The second laser is the red- or optional green-shot indicator. This laser is illuminated when the trigger breaks, and it represents where the shot would have impacted. A dot indicates a smooth trigger press while a dash indicates trigger control that needs work. Such feedback is what we’re after.

Next Level Training offers excellent articles and videos to expand a SIRT pistol’s use including drills. There is also a SIRT AR-­15 bolt to experience the same benefits of laser training with an auto-­resetting trigger.

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